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AOL Notice

Lately we have been receiving many bounced emails from AOL customers. Basically, what happens is that the latest version of AOL (America Online 9.0 Optimized) includes new Spam Controls, which sometimes prevent our email messages from reaching our members. This is the reason why our Subscription Notification Service messages don’t get through to you, even when the email has been sent.

We would like to ask you to use a different email address instead. Even with the changes outlined below, you may still not receive our emails. This has happens to many of our customers and caused a lot of problems.

You can use free email address from or

If you insist on using the AOL email, please at least follow the instructions below.

There are two ways to solve the problem. You can either use an alternate email address to contact us, or enable AOL’s Mail Controls™ feature to accept email from our company.

If you choose to use a different email address, we recommend to use the email address through your ISP.

If you decide to use your AOL address, you will need to unblock our addresses in your spam filter so you can accept email from our company in the future. This information will also ensure that you receive your Subscription Notification Service messages.

The addresses you will need to unblock are:

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