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AUGUST 14, 2013


The special meeting of the Bay County Road Commission, Department of Water & Sewer, was called to order at 9:35 a.m., at 2600 E. Beaver Road, by the Chairman, Richard Gromaski.

Roll Call: Richard Gromaski, Edward Rivet & Michael Rivard

Also present were: Road Commission Representatives: Jim Lillo, Engineer-Manager; and Tom Kramer General Superintendent; Dept. of Water & Sewer Representatives: Thomas Paige, Director; Supervisors – Tom Foret, Hampton; Gary Brandt, Monitor; and Jackie McCarthy, Clerk of the Board.

PUBLIC INPUT – D. Bragiel recommended not driving through the construction zone on Beaver Road; tickets are being issued.

Commissioner Rivard moved to approve to place an ad for Finance Director Position. Motion was adopted on a roll call vote:
Yeas: Rivard, Rivet & Gromaski

Engineer-Manager’s Report – Current projects and recent MDOT meeting discussed.

PUBLIC INPUT – T. Foret commended BCRC for chip seal projects and Finance Director.

There being no further business before the Board, Commissioner Rivet moved to adjourn the meeting until Wednesday, August 21, 2013. Motion was adopted on a roll call vote at 10:05 a.m.:
Yeas: Rivet, Gromaski & Rivard

Respectfully Submitted by: Approved by:

Jackie McCarthy Richard S. Gromaski
Clerk of the Board Chairman of the Board