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Vehicle Maintenance

The road maintenance and equipment maintenance are the two largest departments of the Road Commission.

The dedication and commitment from the employees in both areas of maintenance can perhaps best be seen during our winter storms, when many drivers and mechanics work 12 hours or beyond to ensure a safe and efficient road system.

The Road Commission maintains an equipment repair facility at 2568 E. Beaver Road, Kawkawlin, MI. Overseeing the maintenance operations are the Lead Mechanic, Kevin and Inventory Supervisor/Account Clerk II, Tiffany along with two additional mechanics.

The above crew is responsible for maintaining a fleet of over three hundred pieces of equipment. This equipment includes cars, pickups 4x4s, dump trucks, excavators, backhoes, dozer, jet machines, sweepers, target arrows, loaders, mowers, graders, and many specialized pieces of equipment.

The duties of the garage maintenance department are to keep the fleet in a good state of repair, always ready when needed. This includes having all equipment ready and available for winter storms. It also includes maintaining them during storms so that no time is lost from the plowing operations.

Equipment costs vary with specific types:

  • A completely equipped tandem truck setup for snow removal costs approximately $235,000.00 to put on the road.
  • Motor graders, depending on manufacture, cost from $200,000.00 to $250,000.00.
  • Boom arm mowers cost approximately $103,000.00.
  • New front end loaders cost approximately $185,000.00.

With the dollar amount it costs to purchase equipment, Bay County Road Commission makes sure to maintain and care for it as best we can. Not only do we need to maintain for daily use, but also for longevity.