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About the Bay County Board of Road Commissioners

The Bay County Board of Road Commissioners consists of three commissioners who are elected by a majority of the voting public.  The road commissioners serve six-year staggered terms (one road commissioner being elected every two years). Their compensation, fixed by the Bay County Board of Commissioners, is paid from road funds on a salary basis.

The Board is the policy-making body of the Bay County Road Commission and is responsible for establishing budget priorities and managing an annual budget of approximately $17 million. The Board holds regularly scheduled public meetings as well as frequent public hearings to communicate with county residents on a variety of road and safety issues.

William E. Schumacher

  Vice Chairman (2019 – 2024)

William A. Jordan

Chairman (2021-2026)

Kevin D. Shark

Member (2023 – 2028)

Commissioner’s Email Addresses

William Schumacher –

William  Jordan –

Kevin Shark –